About MCTV

My Christian TV is a broadcasting ministry which seeks to promote, provide and produce religious, spiritual, “charitable” , and educational programming that communicates Christ and family based messages to people in “Chicagoland” , Southeast Wisconsin, Northwest Indiana, South-west Michigan and its surrounding areas through both live and taped content aired on linear digital television and various server based platforms. As of November 2, 2009, MCTV airs on digital channel 62.2 from the Willis tower as well as Comcast (check local listings). The Willis Tower is the tallest building in the United States and remains the tallest completed building in the Western Hemisphere when measuring pinnacle height. MCTV reaches almost 11 million people domestically. As a result of this, the spiritual lives of men, women and children enhances and encourages us to act with more loving-kindness, leading to non-judgmental compassionate action that helps bring out the best in humanity. This will, ideally, help bring our world closer to Heaven on Earth and Peace between all mankind. The ministry encourages the creation and broadcasting of cross denominational programming from a wide variety of faiths as well as promoting, sponsoring, and producing the actual religious and spiritual programming. The ministry’s religious programming includes preaching, bible teaching, music shows from various genres, interfaith dialogue, and shows for children, all of which promote religious and spiritual worship, education and training. We do not discriminate between faiths and encourage an open dialogue between all religions. We believe in Christ’s message of Unconditional Love and are interested in studying, dissecting and broadcasting His teachings for all people on Earth.

My Christian TV has the most affordable rates and packages in the history of Christian television. With no commercial interruption during programming, viewers enjoy Christian programs 24 hours a day. Local ministries run side by side national programming. 100% of our clients continue to increase sales of their products and build their congregations exponentially.

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