New Creation Binding and Loosing Ministries

Based in Chicago, the church is led by Pastor Jolinda Wade.  As a teacher, motivator, and spiritual leader Pastor Jolinda Wade serves as the Senior Pastor of New Creation Binding and Loosing Ministries, in her hometown of Chicago.


The community-oriented pastor has participated in a domestic violence walk for children in Puerto Rico, establishing ties with politicians, recovery addiction alcohol center at Loretto Hospital in Chicago and was recognized by the Chicago Defender for her works.


Her most recent endeavor is the foundation named Barrier Breakdown Transformed Foundation (B.B.T.), which has established a feeding ministry, sewing ministry, prison ministry and as well as a girls’ camp.


Wade transformed her life reading the Bible while incarcerated in federal prison. She was released from prison for the final time on good behavior in 2003. That same night, her son Dwayne was selected fifth overall by the Miami Heat in the NBA draft.


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