The Passionists of Holy Cross Province

Many have been touched by the work of a religious order called the Passionists.

Now, those supporters are working together in a new campaign to raise money to care for elderly priests and to train a new generation of Passionist leaders.

The Passionists are priests and brothers of the Province of St. Paul of the Cross. They belong to a world-wide community of Passionists, a Catholic religious community founded by St. Paul of the Cross, one of the great missionary saints of the Catholic Church.

The mission of the Passionists is to keep alive in the world the love of Jesus Crucified as seen in His Sacred Passion.

Father Emmet Linden, joined the Passionist Order as a young man and, in a video that is part of the campaign, talks about how he starts every day.

“I wake up to thank god for a good night’s sleep and ask him to help me this day to bring the message of the passion to everyone I meet,” Father Linden said. “I love talking to the people and especially bringing out the passion of Jesus Christ where he shows his love for all of us.”

Linden is an example of an elderly priest whose care is being addressed in this campaign.

Today the average age of Passionist priests is 70 and the average number of years of service is 45.

“We need help, he said. “In our modern day, when most of us are getting old, and there aren’t that many young ones coming up. So help is needed, especially in caring for the old.”
The Passionists are a special breed, says Ken Schmitt, a member of the Community of Passionist Partners in Nashville, Tennessee.

In this campaign video, “The Power of the Passion – Transformed by Love,” he and others talk about being transformed by the power of the Passion.

Passionists have the ability, Schmitt says, to “meet people where they are. They have the ability to always forgive and the ability to never judge anyone.”

There is more information on the campaign website, including videos by Passionist priests and those who have been touched by the order.

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