Billy Graham: Facing adversity? Face it with hope and with God

At 97, it’s a pretty good bet that the Rev. Billy Graham is facing adversity in his own life.

When a person wrote to him about how a physical disability will eventually cripple him, he asked: What good will it to do turn to God?

“God isn’t going to heal me. I don’t think He even cares,” the writer said.

Rev. Graham responded: “I want to assure you that He knows your frustration and even your anger. But He also loves you, and because He loves you He wants to help you and encourage you every day.”

Graham suggests a simple prayer of faith in this response.

He asked: What’s better? Facing it alone or facing it with God?

Graham writes: “I think you know the answer. Tragically, you would end up facing the future ‘without hope and without God in the world” (Ephesians 2:12).’”

 – BL Gross