Kenneth Cox: You are a missionary


If you consider yourself a Christian, then you are automatically something else too: A missionary.

That’s where Kenneth Cox begins in a sermon he teaches called “To You Is Promised a Wonderful Gift.”

Cox, a Seventh Day Adventist evangelist, teaches an engaging lesson on what it means to be a Christian in this hour-long video.

“Every individual that is born in the kingdom of God is born as a missionary,” he begins. “There are no exceptions.

“When you take the name Christian you become a witness to the power of God,” Cox says.  “That’s our responsibility, to teach the word of God.”

But God doesn’t leave you on your own to be a witness.  He gives you something – the Holy Spirit.

“The Holy Spirit gives us the fruits of spirit, which changes us and gives us the power to be an effective witness.”

Hear more about a Christian’s role as a witness and the gifts Jesus promises you  in this lesson, “The Time of the End: To You Is Promised a Wonderful Gift”


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