Shhhhh. How to strengthen your spirit with quiet


If you always feel busy and stressed, chance are you aren’t spending much time enjoying the peace of quiet and still times.

It’s hard to find time for quiet in a noisy world. suggests some easy steps to strengthen your spirituality and reduce stress by make time for quiet.

1.  Wake up five minutes earlier. Start the day gently. Lie quietly. Listen to your heart beating.

2. Carry and write in a personal journal.

3.  Picture a place where you feel relaxed and happy. Close your eyes and put yourself there, if only for a moment.

4. When you start to pray, work on first listening rather than asking.

5.  Schedule silence; make it an appointment that you keep.

6.  Don’t rush to fill silences; allow others to be quiet around you.

7.  Take advantage of pauses — a ride in an elevator, standing in line — to breathe deeply.


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