Solitude: The benefits of time alone with God


Solitude can be defined as being alone, but when you spend that time in God’s presence,  you aren’t lonely and it can help you deal with life’s stresses.

That’s the message from Dr. Charles Stanley, an evangelist whose weekly message from InTouch Ministries is aired on MCTV.

“Most folks are frightened by being alone,” Stanley says.

Solitude is not merely being alone, but experiencing the presence of God by ourselves, he teaches.

Loneliness is about being disconnected, out of touch and feeling an inner emptiness.

“Solitude, on the other hand, is about choosing to be alone,” Dr. Stanley says. “Loneliness is painful. Solitude is a choice we make. “

Solitude is required to maintain a relationship with God.

“We won’t be able to relate to the Lord if our minds are preoccupied, and our schedules are full. Solitude is the only way this intimate relationship with our Creator becomes a reality,” he says.

In addition, solitude helps us prepare for the day. “That’s why we should begin every morning with time alone with Him,” Dr. Charles says.

Here’s the complete video and sermon from Dr. Stanley.