Some Evangelicals find meaning in Lent


Many associate fasting and “giving up something for Lent” as a Catholic tradition.

But many Protestants and Evangelicals also find meaning in it, according to Rev. Mark D. Roberts, who writes about it for

Roberts writes that growing up, he experienced Lent as a joke.

“’What are you giving up for Lent?’” my friends would ask. ‘Homework,’ I’d say with a smirk,” Roberts says.

Today, though he finds benefit in the “tangible sacrifice”involved in fasting during Lent or giving up something he enjoys and craves.

“I don’t think my effort at fasting makes God love or bless me more,” he writes. “I do think it raises my awareness of how much I depend on other things in life rather than the Lord. I see how easy it is for me to set up all sorts of little idols in my life. Fasting, in some way, helps me surrender my idols to God.”