What our soul can learn from autumn leaves


The beauty of the fall season is an opportunity to learn from nature.

Autumn brings with it several spiritual lessons worthy of meditation, according to Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, who write for Spirituality & Practice.

The Brussats write about three lessons from autumn:

  •  Balancing darkness and light.  As the days get shorter, we may mourn the loss of those daylight hours. But we also can learn to accept darkness, to understand that darkness can be an opportunity for “the slow, steady gestation needed for my soul’s growth,” writes the poet Joyce Rupp.

Rev. Randy K. Hammer writes that autumn teaches us “everyone and everything needs a time of rest ….The earth in some respects progresses into a period of rest.  Fields lie fallow.  Some forms of wildlife go into hibernation and a period of rest.  Autumn would serve to remind us that as humans we, too, need to take time to rest.  A time of rest to give thought to those issues of life that are really important. ”


  •  Letting go. “Autumn is a time for letting go and releasing things that have been a burden,” The Brussats write.


  •  Acknowledging impermanence. Fall reminds of the fleeting nature of our lives and the things that surround us. As the leaves flutter to the ground, we should think about how our days are numbered and how we can live every day to the fullest.


Here’s the full article on autumn and spiritual growth.